Sharing Your Medical Records

There are currently two data sharing projects.

Summary Care Record (SCR) - National Initiative

The Summary Care Record's (SCR) purpose is to ensure that anyone treating you has basic but important information about you – especially when care is unplanned, urgent or during evenings and weekends. Your summary care record contains important information about your allergies, list of your medications and any adverse reactions you may have had in the past. We suggest you see the NHS Summary Care Record website for more information on how your important medical infomation may be viewed by other health professionals.

Please note that a summary care record will be uploaded for you unless you have opted out.

If you wish to opt out, please complete the opt out form and return it to the practice. If you have already opted-out but have changed your mind, you can opt back in at any time and have a Summary Care record created. Please complete the Opt-in form and forward to the practice.

Camden Intergrated Digital Record (CIDR) - Local Initiative

This is a local initiative that is available for Camden residents only. This enables a Camden care provider, when they are treating you, to view the relevant information about the care you receive and so give you the best possible care. If you are a Camden resident a CIDR record will be created for you unless you have opted out. If you wish to opt out, please complete the relevant opt-out form and return it to the practice.

For further information please visit


Summary Care Record (SCR) and

Camden Intergrated Digital Record


If you have previously opted-out and wish to opt back in please use the following forms.

Summary Care Record (SCR) - Opt-in

CIDR - Reinstatement form

You may need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files